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Located in Pittsburgh, Outdated Press is a small letterpress shop specializing in printing with handset metal and wood type. We have a unique collection of fonts dating back to the 1880's and we like to work with what we got.

Although we are luddites by nature, we use those fancy internet social sites from time to time. Find us here:
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Outdated is run by designer, Matt Braun and hype man, Dan Maldonado. 

MATT BRAUN, designer and printer. Matt jumped into the letterpress game back in 2007, and hasn't stop printing or thinking of printing since. He started Wood Type Revival with Matt Griffin in 2010 to search out, preserve, and digitize rare hand carved wood type. As a day job, he works at Bearded where he specialize in design and making the web a better place.

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DAN MALDONADO, hype man and amateur printer. Dan has the skills that some might say write good taglines. Matt showed Dan the ways of letterpress and remains the padawan until further notice. Dan is a network engineer during normal operating hours and presser/beatsman/playlister/general idea man off peak.

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